Bok Choy is a member of the cabbage family and quite popular in Asian cuisine. Also known as Chinese white cabbage, among other names, it is frequently found in wonton soup and many stir-fry dishes ordered in Japanese and Chinese restaurants. Mildly flavored with a tender sweetness, bok choy is a welcome accompaniment to many meals without being overpowering. It can be found fresh year-round in supermarkets.


Important health benefits that have been associated with consuming bok choy include its abilities to aid in healthy digestion. It is high in vitamin A, vitamin C, beta-carotene, calcium and dietary fiber. The leafy vegetable is lowfat, low calorie, and low carb, and also contains potassium and vitamin B6. Some of the vitamins found in bok choy are also powerful antioxidants, making this tasty cabbage an extremely healthy treat.

The rich amount of beta-carotene inherent in bok choy can help to reduce the risk of certain cancers. Beta-carotene has also been known to reduce the risk of cataracts. Bok choy is also an excellent source of folic acid, and can also contain other healthful nutrients like iron, depending on where it was grown.