Moringa oleifera or horseradish tree, is chiefly a tropical tree which is known in many parts of the world with its regional names as drumstick tree, kelor, nébéday, mlonge, malunggay, benzolive, saijhan, marango, and sajna. Moringa oleifera, commonly called the 'drumstick tree', is well known for its multi-purpose attributes, wide adaptability, and ease of establishment. Its leaves, pods and flowers are packed with nutrients important to both humans and animals.


  • Juice of Drum stick when mixed in milk and offered to children greatly helps by strengthening their bones as it is said to be a great source of Calcium. Also drumstick is said to be a great blood purifier.
  • Pregnant women should often eat drumsticks as it helps ease any kind of pre and post delivery complication.
  • Drumstick soup helps ease any kind of chest congestions, coughs and sore throats.
  • Inhaling steam of water in which drumsticks have been boiled helps ease asthma and other lung problem.
  • Finally drumstick juice greatly adds to the glow on one’s face. Make a mixture of drumstick and limejuice and dab it on your face. You will find your face glowing greatly.